Harrisburg Beagle Club

About Us

The Harrisburg Beagle Club training grounds are located on 156 acres in northwestern Fairview Township, York County.  Established in 1948, the Club currently has 60 plus members and about a dozen Social Members.  

The grounds of the Club consist of a clubhouse, dog kennels, two starting pens, and out-buildings for storage of equipment.  Our rabbit propagation program keeps the training pens full of rabbits and the Club grounds have a healthy population of rabbits for experienced dogs to run.  The club grounds are fully fenced.

The club house is heated and airconditioned, has a fully operating kitchen, male and female restrooms, each with showers.


    In 1947, the Harrisburg Beagle Club was officially incorporated in Dauphin County and certified in 1948.  Before the Club was located at its current location, the founding members would run their dogs and hold field trials at the State Hospital Farm on Elmerton Avenue in Harrisburg PA.  The members eventually purchased two adjoining properties that totaled 156 acres in northern York County.
    To become a member in those days, one had to buy a share of stock for $25.  The initiation fee was $3 and annual dues were $2. To raise money, a trial was held the second Sunday of each month.  The annual AKC trial was held mid-July, which usually brought in 200 to 250 dogs from all over the east coast. The Club has had the honor of former President Johnson's dog running at the Club, though the President was not present.
    In 1977, the original clubhouse, which was an old farmhouse burnt down.  Fire insurance would not cover the total cost, so the Club asked the members, and received, a loan of $400 from each member to build the current clubhouse.

    The Club, and grounds, have been through many changes since then, including the majority of lands, until recently, being a Christmas tree plantation. 
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