Harrisburg Beagle Club

Contact & Important Information

Club Business Office:
Harrisburg Beagle Club, Inc.
c/o Jim Kiser
2019 Chestnut St.
Camp Hill, PA 17011

AKC Event #23257
Event Type: FT

    Jim Kiser
Vice President:
     Bryson Roof 
   Jeff Chubb
    Bob Wertz Sr.


Grounds & Habitat
    Marty Slaseman
    Bob Dunn
Building & Structures
    Jim Kiser
Rabbit Propagation
    Bryson Roof
Budget & Audit
    Don Kraly
Membership & Committees
    Jim Kiser
Field Trial
     Bryson Roof & Don Kraly


Bryson Roof (Chairman) - 717-979-1888

Jim Kiser - 717-460-3945 or 717-761-0190

Marty Slaseman - 717-614-3440

Jeff Chubb - 717-805-6280

Mike Bowser - 717-648-0601

Marvin Gingerich - 717-439-7933

Kevin Klingensmith - 717-938-2062

Jim Szabo - 610-909-2147

Bob Wertz Sr. - 717-448-0752
                   IMPORTANT DATES                   

            Regular Monthly Meetings
 _______Last Tuesday of each month________

          Saturday, February 22, 2020            
  10th Annual Rabbit Hunt/Banquet
                 Marysville Lions Park
                     Marysville, PA
       Banquet ONLY Snowdate  Feb. 23, noon
                 COMMITTEE CORNER                  

Grounds & Habitat
     Numerous projects are underway to  develop new trails and lanes, develop new rabbit habitat and establish food plots.  One of the big projects for 2018 and 2019 was the creation of rabbit food plots.  With these projects we established lanes of clover to feed the rabbits, better overhead wires in the training pens to keep out the birds of prey, and planted a variety of species; i.e., switchgrass and sorghum for more cover and food. 


    Again working with Kinsey's Outdoors we had a very successful Hunt and Banquet in February, 2019.  Many teams and interested supporters showed up at the Banquet.  Over fifty teams entered the full four rabbits and vied for the $5,000 in prizes.  Lots of raffles and drawings are associated with the Banquet.
    We are always looking for good prizes for this year's Banquet.  Call an officer if you wish to donate a prize and be recognized. 

    Our other major fundraising effort is the September "Daily Number" raffle.  If you might be interested in any of our raffles, be sure to contact a Club officer to be sure you get on the Club's mailing and email list.

Building & Structures

    The new dog kennel continues to impress everyone who sees it.  In addition, the older kennels have all been refurbished and we now have over 35-runs/boxes available for short and long-term use.

Rabbit Propagation

    The Club again had an extremely successful year raising rabbits.  Both training pens are well stocked, and Club grounds are now receiving rabbits. 

Membership & Committees

    We are always looking for new members.  Also, a "Friends" group has been initiated and has been very successful.

Field Trials

    The first AKC Field Trial, in over 30-years, was held on Club grounds in October, 2017.  Additional AKC "2-Couple Pack" field trials are now held in May and September each year.


   For questions about the club or current events, please contact:

Jim Kiser, President
cell - 717-460-3945
work 717-761-0190
For issues about this website, please contact:




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